Our Story :

I was cleaning brass with a vibratory tumbler using walnut shell media for over 15 years.  The vibratory process was very slow, and did a poor job of cleaning.  Other issues were the primer pockets did not come out clean, which required hand cleaning each one.

I investigated all brass cleaning methods that were on the market to determine with what I would replace my vibratory tumbler.   I looked at ultra sonic and rotary wet tumbling that use stainless steel pins.

I decided on a wet tumbler (Thumbler tumbler model B) The thumbler tumbler cleaned the brass exceptionally well but the tumbler had several issues and I returned it.  Here are the issues I found with the thumbler tumbler model B:

  • Under powered motor

  • Low drum capacity

  • Drum lid difficult to remove

  • Light duty bushing on drum shafts

  • Light duty drive belt (o-ring)


    I decided to design and built my own tumbler and put a video of it on YouTube.  I had many people ask to build them one.  That’s when I started to design another tumbler that I could manufacture and sell.   After building several proto-types and working out a few design kinks, The Lone star tumblers brand was created.  The first in the series is the LT-5,  Which will tumble 10 pounds of brass, and the second model the LT-5HC will tumble 20 pounds of brass.  These tumblers are designed with premium components that will last for many years.  I am a competitive long range shooter and felt that there was no quality product on the market that served the shooting community.  My wife Leah encouraged me to build and create a better product.


    Mark and Leah Roberts